Committed to public safety and innovation

Globara’s passion for safeguarding the public from infection drives our constant innovation.

Our products are designed to be safe and effective in both the clinical setting and at-home. We are dedicated to offering you high quality infection control products as well as high quality customer service.


Here at Globara, we value the little details — since our founding, we wanted to make sure our products were produced in a facility that is held to the highest quantifiable standards. Staying on-top of our processes ensures you will receive the same, high quality product every time you order. Having our products made in Canada and approved by Health Canada are crucial to providing you with timely and first-class service that we feel good about. 

We recognize that a quality product can only be created by a quality team. That’s why we foster a positive working environment that gives employees room to share, develop, and grow. Creating a healthy working environment is of utmost importance to the successful growth of the company.

Mission and Vision

Globara is on a mission to provide top quality infection control products. We strive for excellence and our entrepreneurial drive ensures we never miss the mark. Our constant innovation, customer-centered approach, and dedication to living-out our values guarantees we can be a trusted partner for you and your healthcare-prevention needs.

Who We Serve


Globara’s line of infection control solutions are trusted by the healthcare industry to keep professionals and patients safe. Approved by Health Canada, our hand sanitizer and all-in-one disinfectant & medical device pre-cleaner are proven to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Globara’s products secure multiple lines of defense against germs, from complete sterilizations of non-critical medical devices to keeping surfaces and hands clean. Our high-quality antimicrobial solutions are suited for medical settings such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, primary care clinics, and outpatient clinics.


Globara’s antimicrobial product line is trusted by the dental industry to keep patients and professionals safe. Globara’s products secure multiple lines of defense against germs, from complete sterilizations of non-critical medical devices to keeping surfaces and hands clean. Our high-quality infection prevention solutions are designed to keep professionals and patients from getting sick.


Globara’s complete involvement in the manufacturing of our products -- from chemical formulation to packaging and shipping -- showcases our dedication to quality control. Our company has been trusted to supply timely and high-quality service. Our industry expertise, mass production capabilities, and in-house manufacturing make Globara a winning partner for governments seeking immediate solutions for infection prevention and control.


Whether it be schools, factories, shops, salons, or shared workspaces, Globara’s products are safe to use and in demand in a variety of settings. We are committed to safeguarding people’s health no matter their industry. Made ready-to-use and requiring no dilution, you can comfortably rely on Globara’s products as your first line of defense against viruses, bacteria and fungi.


Airports are some of the most frequented places around the world. At Globara, we’ve committed to keeping airports passengers and staff safe with our specially formulated products. Place ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer and one of our dispensers in a high-traffic area for frequent use. Our alcohol-free formula is designed so that it can be used multiple times per-day without drying or burning. Equip airport and airline staff with ENEVRA disinfectant to instantly kill 99.99% of germs on all surfaces.

Animal Health

At Globara, our passion for infection control does not stop at humans. Animals hold a special place in our heart which is why our products are never tested on animals and are formulated to keep them safe. The veterinary industry trusts Globara to safeguard their clinics and their clients.

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