ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer

ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer

Safe and effective alcohol-free foaming hand sanitizer. Unscented and gentle on sensitive and irritated skin.

Price per unit:

50mL - $3.79
560mL - $9.79



  • Available in 560 ml dispensers and a 50 ml travel size.
  • Made for Sensitive Skin
    • Unlike alcohol-based hand sanitizers, ENEVRA is specially formulated to keep your skin moisturized with each application. Our water-based solution with ingredients derived from coconut oil will eliminate germs without compromising comfort.
  • Alcohol-free
    • No more painful, cracked and bleeding dry hands. Alcohol damages surfaces and skin alike, but ENEVRA’s foaming formula moisturizes and conditions sensitive skin for smooth & easy daily use.
  • Active Ingredient 0.13% BZK
    • Authorized by Health Canada, this powerful ingredient is both effective and safe. Benzalkonium Chloride has been used in hospitals as an antiseptic for years and some studies show this powerful 0.13% Benzalkonium Chloride formula may be tougher on some germs than 70% ethanol hand sanitizer.
  • Hypoallergenic and cruelty-free
    • No parabens, phthalates, sulfates, ethanol, isopropanol, triclosan, fragrances (artificial or otherwise), dyes, or toxins. No sticky residue. Cruelty Free & NOT Tested on Animals.
  • Lasts 2x longer than alcohol-based sanitizers
    • With the leading foam hand sanitizer technology, ENEVRA makes a little liquid go a long way. You’ll get at least 1000 applications from a single bottle. Best of all, no dripping.

Additional information

Weight N/A

560 ml

Active Ingredients

Benzalkonium Chloride 0.13%


For external use only, when using this product avoid contact with eyes.

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20 reviews for ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer

  1. Amazon Customer

    My bad for not processing that it is alcohol free lol. Bought for in the vehicle as other sanis spray all over the place and this one fits in cup holders, foams AND is made in Canada. All bonuses. But it froze the first night in the vehicle lol. Nice product and non greasy, just not intended for our Canadian winters lol.

  2. Tia

    I LOVE this Product !!FOAMING AND NON ALCOHOLIC, SENTLESS Hand Sanitizer!! my prayers have been answered. No more dryed out hands, no more nasty strong smells left on your hands. I literally can feel the difference, there is no gel/sticky film that is left on by all the many other products out there. I wish every shopping center or indoor center had this product. Especially it being Non-alcoholic!! 10/10 !! 

  3. UrbankA

    I got this for my 6 years old son that started to get dry and peeling skin on his hands from school’s sanitizer. I needed something not as drying on hand but yet effective again bacteria and viruses. I like this product. Its not drying on skin. Doesn’t have any smells. The best part. And its foamy. My kid likes it.

  4. cs

    I carry a bottle of this in my car and in my purse. It is honestly the best hand sanitizer I have used. This goes on clean has no real smell. Delivery was really fast. I am entirely happy with everything about this product. I am glad someone came out with a remarkable product like this.Unlike the sanitizers in some stores that smell horrific and make your hands sticky.

  5. Happy Customer

    Came quickly and is soft on my sensitive skin. No scent or residue. Great for people with eczema like my young son. Comes out of the pump as a nice foam! You get about 900 pumps. Will buy again!

  6. Josh

    Works great but if your hands smell like crap? It’s gonna continue to smell like crap cause this hand sensitizer doesn’t have a scent or anything to mask odour.

  7. Julz B

    Love this product ! I have eczema on my hands which burns with normal sanitizer but this stuff leaves my hands feeling great ! Love that it’s cruelty free as well. Would recommend to anyone with sensitive skin !

  8. Amazon Customer

    I like the Foaming Hand Sanitizers. No dripping and this dries in 30 seconds or so.I will be buying this again. I would like to get another one to keep in the car but I’m notsure about freezing or how it would handle the heat on hot days. I need to check that out.

  9. Ana G.

    Excelent product!


    Remarkable Product. No Need for Water. Fair Value.

  11. Corina L.

    I purchased this for my brother to put at the front door while his house is being sold.I like that it is a foam spray and not a gel. with no Alcohol and unscented, perfect for the strangersthat will be coming in and out of his home. This way it works for everyone!

  12. Cara

    This product is amazing! Completely odorless, absorbs quickly without sticky residue, and gentle on skin.

  13. Tammy Chislett

    It works great ——looks bigger in the photo I really like it considering my mom is on dialysis we use it for that

  14. Sherry A Hendrickson

    Item was as described, shipped quickly, would buy from again

  15. Amazon Customer

    Great product.doesnt dry out you skin like other sanitizers.

  16. Ella

    A fantastic product for countless reasons! Here are just a few reasons I’d re-purchase in a heartbeat:1) Fragrance free – I cannot stand the scent of alcohol sanitizers and additional fragrances used in products. This product are practically no scent and leaves me headache free :)2) It is not sticky, slimey, or drying! – I work in retail and during the pandemic, we’ve been required to sanitize our hands constantly throughout the day. Other sanitizers are incredibly uncomfortable because they either leave a thick residue on my hands or they dry them out. Thank goodness this sanitizer is gentle on my skin, yet leaves no residue! Mind blown.3) I love the foam – One squirt is one apapplicationand because it is foaming, it lasts longer than liquid sanitizer. The foam is also incredible stable. Working in retail, I’ve had sanitizers in the past be way too liquid and splash on customers and/or on the counter and floor. I am then left to clean up the mess and hold up the checkout line. But with ENEVRA hand sanitizer, the customer squirts one pump with splattering, dripping, or clean up.This is truly an incredible formula. I hope that more retail stores take advantage of this product. I believe ENEVRA lends to a better shopping experience for customers.

  17. Kathleen Bellerive

    It’s the best hand sanitizer I’ve used in the pandemic!! Wow! My hands are never dry anymore and I use a lot in one day. Will buy again.

  18. Rachel Oliver

    !!Amazing Product!!
    Love how light it feels in your hands Excited for the Mini-Foam to send to school with my kids !!

  19. Emilie Brown

    I’ve spent quite a bit of money on hand products that I’ve had to throw out because of the awful smell or residence it leaves on my hands. After seeing several recalls on alcohol-based sanitizers, I decided to look for a non-alcoholic based product. A co-worker recommended this product and I couldn’t be happier. I love how the product comes out as a foam and not watery. HUGE plus!

  20. Samuel G.

    Purchased on amazon. Usually I don’t leave reviews but this product blew my socks off. Not sticky or smelly. I am very sensitive to scents and perfumes and had zero issues with this sanitizer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our unique non-alcohoic foaming hand sanitizer is listed on the Health Canada Covid-19 list of approved hand sanitizers.

Yes, all of ENEVRA products are approved by Health Canada.

ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer contains an active ingredient called benzalkonium chloride (BAC).  BAC is widely trusted by the healthcare industry; it is used in many antiseptics such as skin treatments, as a preservative in over-the-counter products such as contact lens cleaner and cosmetics.  BAC works to instantly kill 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Answer: ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer does not contain alcohol so it will not irritate your skin.

ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer is not flammable because it does not contain alcohol.

No. ENEVRA products are never tested on animals. We also serve the veterinary industry

Yes. Because our hand sanitizer uses benzalkonium chloride as the active ingredient, the formula will remain stable if you leave it in your car on a hot summer’s day. Unlike alcohol, benzalkonium chloride will not expand in the summer heat.

ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer is not toxic when used as directed.

No, unlike alcohol-based sanitizers, ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer will not discolour or stain.

Yes, ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer is safe on eczema-prone skin.  Unlike sanitizers made with alcohol, ours will not dry out your skin. It is specially formulated for sensitive and irritated skin. Our sanitizer also uses ingredients derived from coconut so that your hands are moisturized with each use.

There have been no reported side effects after using ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer. Only use ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer as directed.

Yes, ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer is safe for children when used according to the directions.

ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer freezes below 0°C; however it remains effective after thawing.

No, ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer does not damage jewelry.

ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer is scent-free and fragrance-free.

ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer does not leave any residue on your hands after use.

ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer is made with benzalkonium chloride – a safe active ingredient that kills viruses, and bacteria.

Apply one pump of ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer and rub through your hands until dry.

ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer can be used as often as you like, anytime soap and water aren’t available.

Unlike alcohol-based sanitizers which stop working after they evaporate, ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer’s active ingredient (benzalkonium chloride) continues to work, with repeated use, even after it is absorbed.

If ingested, you should immediately contact medical personnel or your local Poison Control Center.

If ingested, you should immediately contact medical personnel or your local Poison Control Center.