ENEVRA Sanitizer Station

ENEVRA Sanitizer Station

  • Touchless Application
    • Completely touchless and requires no batteries or power supply. Simply press the foot pedal and enjoy a drip-free application.
  • Heavy Duty all Aluminum Construction
    • Made entirely from corrosion-resistant and easy to clean aluminum. Making the stand lightweight and portable.
  • Easy to Refill
    • No tools are required and no adjustments necessary to change the dispenser bottle once empty. The entire operation takes as little as 5 seconds.
  • Modular & Portable Design
    • The entire unit can be easily disassembled and is extremely portable.
  • Requires No Hardware
    • This stand is completely self-supported and does not need to be mounted or fastened to the wall.



Does not require mounting hardware and is easily moveable throughout the work setting. 

Ideal for front entrances, office reception, meeting rooms, treatment centres, production sites, schools and airports.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our unique non-alcohoic foaming hand sanitizer is listed on the Health Canada Covid-19 list of approved hand sanitizers.

Yes, all of ENEVRA products are approved by Health Canada.

ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer contains an active ingredient called benzalkonium chloride (BAC).  BAC is widely trusted by the healthcare industry; it is used in many antiseptics such as skin treatments, as a preservative in over-the-counter products such as contact lens cleaner and cosmetics.  BAC works to instantly kill 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Answer: ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer does not contain alcohol so it will not irritate your skin.

ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer is not flammable because it does not contain alcohol.

No. ENEVRA products are never tested on animals. We also serve the veterinary industry

Yes. Because our hand sanitizer uses benzalkonium chloride as the active ingredient, the formula will remain stable if you leave it in your car on a hot summer’s day. Unlike alcohol, benzalkonium chloride will not expand in the summer heat.

ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer is not toxic when used as directed.

No, unlike alcohol-based sanitizers, ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer will not discolour or stain.

Yes, ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer is safe on eczema-prone skin.  Unlike sanitizers made with alcohol, ours will not dry out your skin. It is specially formulated for sensitive and irritated skin. Our sanitizer also uses ingredients derived from coconut so that your hands are moisturized with each use.

There have been no reported side effects after using ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer. Only use ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer as directed.

Yes, ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer is safe for children when used according to the directions.

ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer freezes below 0°C; however it remains effective after thawing.

No, ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer does not damage jewelry.

ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer is scent-free and fragrance-free.

ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer does not leave any residue on your hands after use.

ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer is made with benzalkonium chloride – a safe active ingredient that kills viruses, and bacteria.

Apply one pump of ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer and rub through your hands until dry.

ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer can be used as often as you like, anytime soap and water aren’t available.

Unlike alcohol-based sanitizers which stop working after they evaporate, ENEVRA Hand Sanitizer’s active ingredient (benzalkonium chloride) continues to work, with repeated use, even after it is absorbed.

If ingested, you should immediately contact medical personnel or your local Poison Control Center.

If ingested, you should immediately contact medical personnel or your local Poison Control Center.